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We’re Here to Help You Start Your Dream Project

A safe equity-based crowdfunding platform that is connecting interested investors to interesting Micro – SMEs companies who want to raise funds.

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BeeezCrowd is the one and only platform that rewards digital investors with two bonus Digital shares for each invested Digital share

as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the digital investors and a desire to encourage investors and support Micro – SMEs projects

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    BeeezCrowd provide free registration

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    BeeezCrowd platform doesn’t charge fees for investors

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    Digital Investors could be anyone who can contribute or invest in any company with small amounts

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    You can invest as little as
    1 JOD/ $1

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  • » Long term investing

    Equity crowdfunding gives the possibility to grow your company the way you want, before a return is possible and give investors a long term investment.

  • » Being part of the journey

    You can be a member or shareholder for a micro or SME who is ready to grow? Investing in small businesses will make you feel comfortable in the long term run.

  • » Shareholders

    When choosing to become an investor you are likely to be a shareholder or an ambassador, our success is yours, and no one doesn't like being a winner.

  • » A lower risk investment

    Investing in early-stage businesses involves high risks, you can minimize the risk by investing small amounts in several companies.

  • » Getting in from the start

    A Micro or SME may grow to be a big company, many of the world’s biggest companies started out from nothing, so investing a small amount might also mean a higher return.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Over the past decades, the financial sector has gone through many changes like other sectors, as a result of technical development and changing user needs. With the Kingdom's intention to be part of this change, which among its initiatives is the Financial Sector Development Program, which would provide new opportunities in the financial sector that are in line with the requirements of the twenty-first century. this entails Financial Technology Laboratory, as an opportunity to launch a quality company that aims to open the door to investment in startups, small and medium-sized companies by digitizing the investment process and making it available to the largest possible segment of interested people. Beeezcrowd aspires to change the future of investment in Jordan, with the support of its digital investor and entrepreneur clients and its ambitious team. The company's business model is based on what is known as collective ownership financing, which allows companies to obtain investment by individuals registered on a utility platform to support growth and the company's operational business in exchange for a stake in these startups and SMEs. Beeezcrowd does not manage the benefits of shareholder funds in companies, but rather allows digital investors to directly invest in these companies.

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A Digital Investor may conditionally cancel or reduce his investment in any active campaign (including bonus Digital shares) and refund 42% of the Digital share value digital investor

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How it works?

Over the past decades, the financial sector has gone through many changes like other sectors, as a result of technical development and changing user needs. With the Kingdom's intention to be part of this change.

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As a fundraiser

Create and launch your campaign and get funds

As a digital investor

Fund your digital balance, invest in campaigns and receive equity Digital share in return.

Risk Warning

BeeezCrowd" is a specialized online platform that provides a method of raising funds used by startups and early-stage companies (SMEs) adopting the model of Equity crowdfunding (also known as crowd-investing or investment crowdfunding). Essentially, equity crowdfunding offers the company’s securities to a number of potential digital investors in exchange for financing. BeeezCrowd is not a registered broker-dealer. Equity-based crowdfunding is a type of high-risk financial transaction and investment that involves the risk of losing all money, risk of illiquidity, risk of no return, risk of dilution of Digital shares, lack of control of the company, lack of information and other risks as explained in more details in the terms and conditions. "Beeezcrowd" does not aim to publish the information of the companies presented to the public as an investment recommendation and does not provide any guarantees against risks. These companies are fully responsible for their activities, managing their services and growing their business, and using the money they have obtained from digital investors properly. "Beeezcrowd" is not responsible for managing funds from these companies. "Beeezcrowd" does not provide any advice, guarantee, or recommendation on the level of legal, financial or investment risks. A Digital Investor is strongly advised to read through the risks listed in the terms and conditions in order to help him make an informed decision. A digital investor should consult his/her/its own legal, tax and financial advisers regarding the suitability, desirability and appropriateness.