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BeeezCrowd is one of the Most Trusted Crowdfunding Platform globally

BeeezCrowd brings all the opportunities to Micro -SMEs to raise funds and start their projects. Whether you have a creative project or an existing project the best platform that leads your business and makes it grow.

We are here to help you

How it works?

If you are a Micro or SME and have a business idea that works. hen you are ready to bring your creative project to life.

we will help you to make it real. Our team will guide you to complete your business idea and start a campaign.

Once you registered and start a campaign, digital investors who believe in your idea will come and invest money based on Digital shares.

Our approach is easy, flexible, and can be worked in a very nice way.

You will obtain your funding quickly, just follow our instructions and we will help you to achieve your goals.

Project by project, we’re changing the way new ideas come to life.

Frequently asked questions

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Who is fundraiser?

Any qualified startups, short medium sized or early-stage companies and entrepreneurs seeking for funding/financing for ensuring the viability of the fundraiser’s business, growth and expansion of the operations and activities.

Are non-Jordanian companies allowed to request for funding through the platform?

The platform targets the companies inside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; however, the platform allows companies in other countries to benefit from the services of "launching a campaign via the platform. knowing that the platform is not responsible for the laws or regulations or instructions applicable in this country regarding the crowdfunding with the shares participation system and is not responsible if obtaining funding through the platform is contrary to any of the laws or regulations or instructions of the country of the company requesting funding, and in the case of submitting a request for funding through the platform, the company exempts the platform and completely releases its responsibility from any legal responsibility and the company is responsible for obtaining the amount of funding by legal means

What does the campaign is flexible mean?

All funding campaigns on BeeezCrowd must be flexible campaigns: The fun ding campaign is considered to be successful if it achieves any raised amou nt, and the amount will be transferred to the fundraiser by the end of the campaigns period after deducting the platform fees. Also, the equity corresponding to the amount of funding will be recalculated according to the value of funding raised based on the equity put forward against the value of the funding goal of the company.


  • The platform collects fixed fee of (8%) of the total amount raised at the end of the campaign’s period or at the closure date of campaign.
  • The platform does not charge fee from digital investors. .
  • The platform collects fixed fee of (8%) of the total amount raised at the end of the campaign’s period or at the closure date of campaign.
  • Digital Investors wishing to cancel/reduce the volume of their investment in a campaign will get a refund amount of 42% for each invested Digital share that is cancelled/reduced including bonus Digital shares. (This provision is subject to cancellation and reduction policy as stipulated in terms and conditions).
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