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Campaigner FAQs

How can BeeezCrowd help my company raise funds?

BeeezCrowd offers a platform to create campaigns, showcase your business, and connect with a wide range of potential investors.

What's the process of launching a fundraising campaign?

Launching a campaign involves submitting the needed documents, crafting a compelling pitch, setting a funding goal, and engaging our investor community with your project's vision.

What type of businesses are suitable for fundraising on BeeezCrowd?

BeeezCrowd welcomes startups, SMEs, and businesses across diverse industries seeking funding for innovative and impactful projects. BeeezCrowd retains the right to decline projects that do not abide by legal or ethical code.

What are the costs associated with running a campaign?

There are no upfront costs. BeeezCrowd charges a platform fee of 8% on successfully funded campaigns, allowing you to focus on achieving your funding goal.

How do I attract investors to my campaign?

Success lies in a well-presented campaign with clear goals and compelling rewards. Engage your existing network, share your campaign link with them, and tap into BeeezCrowd's investor community for wider reach.