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About Us Investing Raising Fund Create Campaign Investment Opportunities
About Us Investing Raising Fund Create Campaign Investment Opportunities

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BeeezCrowd is the one and only platform that rewards digital investors with two bonus Digital shares for each invested Digital share

Digital Partnership

as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the investors and a desire to encourage investors and support Micro – SMEs projects

  BeeezCrowd provides free registration  

  BeeezCrowd platform doesn’t charge fee for digital investors  

  Digital Investors could be anyone who can contribute or invest in any company with small amounts  

  You can invest as little as 1 JOD/ $1  

Digital Investor can cancel his/her/its contribution in a funding campaign or reduce volume of his contribution provided that (42%) of the Digital share value amount will be refunded. This provision is subject to “Cancellation / Investment Volume Reduction Policy” stipulated in the terms and conditions posted on the platform website.
About Us

Many times, ideas of great quality or innovation, that could change our lives, do not go forward because of the lack of funds or even because of the obstacles that we face to get a bank loan or financing through incentive laws.

BeeezCrowd is an equity crowdfunding platform, it’s a way of fund for Micro – SMEs companies by asking a large number of investors to each invest a relatively small amount in it. In return, investors receive digital equity shares of the company.

BeeezCrowd started in Jordan then expanded into the Middle East, BeeezCrowd is the world’s first platform that uses digital partnership approach.

For investors, it seems to be a reasonable and acceptable solution for many, where the investor can invest in many companies in exchange for small digital shares in more than one project.

As an investor, you can contribute to any micro or SME project (if you believe in it), this could be one digital share or hundred digital shares, the choice is yours.

As a Micro or SMEs company, you have to create an account at our platform, create a campaign to attract investors, prepare your marketing and business pitch. Then you will find investors come and invest in your project.

Why us


BeeezCrowd simplifies funding your business so you can get back to growing it


Whether you are a Micro company or SME company looking for a seed or large equity round, or a digital investor, our ever-evolving platform will help you get there


BeeezCrowd is a creative platform where digital investors and Micro or SMEs businesses meet to create innovative projects

Digital Partnership

as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the digital investors and a desire to encourage digital investors and support Micro – SMEs projects

Our Commitment and Focus

BeeezCrowd is a digital investor-friendly online platform that is suitable for small, micro or even medium businesses such as people who have new creative ideas, or small business owners who want to raise money to fund their projects.

BeeezCrowd does not engage in any objective or confidential discussions with digital investors about companies or participate in any transactions that may result. We focus on creating the best online platform for small and medium businesses by providing our resources to empower and support the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We believe that providing our services in a professional manner makes us distinct and makes our work special

Our employees are professionals and experts ready to assist both small, micro, and micro-SMEs and digital investors to do their work in the best way.

In contrast to crowdfunding on a large scale, equity crowdfunding provides digital investors with a way to take stakes in the small and medium-sized enterprises they crowdfund. Digital Investors in crowdfunding rounds get a share or stakes from these projects in order to own part of the companies in which they invest.