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About Us

BeeezCrowd is an innovative Jordanian FinTech Platform that aims to empower visionaries, entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs by providing a dynamic funding platform where concepts flourish through the collective support of a global crowd. BeeezCrowd aims to revolutionize the investment landscape by providing beginner and expert investors with unprecedented access to high-growth businesses. BeeezCrowd offers a secure and transparent environment for businesses seeking funding, allowing investors to acquire digital partnership shares in an effortless manner.

With a focus on financial inclusion, BeeezCrowd transforms lives through accessible and innovative solutions. We're dedicated to expanding opportunities, bridging gaps, and bringing about a positive change in the business ecosystem. Through our efforts, we aim to redefine the traditional boundaries of investment and financing, offering a fresh perspective and new opportunities for both businesses and investors alike.


" Lead the future of digital economy through empowering visionaries, igniting innovation, and driving global prosperity through the power of the crowd."


" At BeeezCrowd, we're on a mission to make investing accessible. With our shared drive, we fuel promising businesses, promoting financial inclusion and meaningful growth."